Two months in

Please forgive the 2 month blog hiatus, but I just had a baby. Enough said. 🙂 

Keaton this past Sunday, at 9 weeks

Keaton this past Sunday, at 9 weeks

Well, we are over 2 months into this baby thing and we are getting the hang of it!  To be honest, I had a really hard time in the beginning but I am finding such joy in being a mother now.  Being so tired, trying to figure out a baby that didn’t sleep very much or want to be put down, and recovering from a C-section was all really hard to handle but God is so good to turn that craziness into amazingness. 🙂

photo-96 copy 3

Keaton at 9 weeks – Such a happy boy!

The hardest thing was that I wasn’t sure I liked him at first.  Sure, I loved Keaton but I don’t know that I really liked him, or being a mom, a whole lot in the beginning.  People would ask me “Don’t you think he’s just the most precious gift from God?” and the answer was honestly, no – I really didn’t think he was.  He kept us up all night, cried a lot, didn’t like to sleep, had to be held all the time, and didn’t really follow any of what all the books say babies are supposed to do.  But now that we have a few more weeks under our belt, I can honestly say I’m crazy about this little guy!  Loving Keaton has definitely been a process for me instead of an instant thing, like I thought it would be.  I didn’t know that could happen.

The sweet boy played himself to sleep! 8 weeks old.

The sweet boy played himself to sleep! 8 weeks old.

We were so blessed in the beginning to have my sister here for 3 weeks to help out, and my parents have been a constant help as well.  It really does take a village and I am so grateful that I have family that was, and still is, able to be so much help to Aaron and me.

Aaron & Keaton fascinated by something on the TV, at 9 weeks

Aaron & Keaton fascinated by something on the TV, at 9 weeks

Keaton is still a lot of work but I think we are getting each other figured out.  We’ve got him sleeping in his crib now and have learned his hunger cues and how to calm him down when he is fussy.  He’s also starting to “talk” and smile at us and enjoys his baby gym now. We are also making tons of trips out of the house, which has been great for both of us.  Keaton does great in the car and really likes to look at different things so getting out and having new experiences seems to agree with him.

Aaron and Keaton snuggling while Mommy gets ready for church. 8 weeks old.

Aaron and Keaton snuggling while Mommy gets ready for church. 8 weeks old.

Target seems to be the destination of choice lately, and I’m getting pretty good at saving money on baby stuff there.  Just a shameless plug for Target, but if you haven’t downloaded the Cartwheel Target app, you are missing out!  Along with Target coupons, manufacturer coupons, you can stack Cartwheel discounts on top of that and save big!  Lots of their baby items have discounts on Cartwheel like their formula and wipes. It’s just super exciting to know that even with another person added to our family, we can still save on his toys, formula, and other necessities.  And ya’ll know couponing makes my heart happy!

Keaton at 6 weeks in the baby gym

Keaton at 6 weeks in the baby gym

We had Keaton’s two month check up last week and he is doing great!  Even though he seems so big for his age to me (at 12 lbs), he is only in the 53rd percentile for weight but is quite long – making the 78th percentile in length.  I just think that is so funny because Aaron and I are fairly short people.  Keaton got three shots at that appointment and was a trooper!  Of course, he screamed as soon as the nurse gave the shots but we were able to calm him down fairly quickly and with a short nap later, he was good to go! He is such a chill baby and really does go with the flow so I knew he’d be great.

photo 3

Looking all kinds of handsome for church at 2 months old.

We aren’t doing a strict schedule for him, as I think that right now, we are still learning what he needs and following his cues, but he has naturally fallen into a schedule with one long nap in the morning and one long nap in the afternoon.  We’ve set a clear bedtime though and have a little bedtime routine and he’s turning into such a great sleeper, going 8-10 hours at night! Such a contrast to when he was first born and wanted little to do with sleep. He also eats like his Daddy and we are already giving him 5 ounces in a bottle every 2-3 hours. The pediatrician seemed to think that wasn’t abnormal though.

photo-98 copy

Sweet bath time cuddles at 7 weeks

Oh, and I totally dropped the ball on doing any of those photos of Keaton at each month like you see on Facebook and Pinterest.  Oh well – good thing I’m a graphic designer and can fix that digitally 🙂 I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m just not a “Pinterest Mom” and I’m really ok with that. I had been super frustrated though, that I have been taking all these great pictures with my iPhone but who the heck knows how many weeks old he was in which picture??  This mommy can’t remember what she wore yesterday let alone how old Keaton was in the picture from 5 weeks ago where he’s smiling!  But lo and behold the people at Apple were reading my mind because after an IOS update, the iPhone now sorts your pictures by DATE!  Now Keaton’s empty baby book will be fairly accurate once I figure out how to get iPhone pictures printed. Oh technology!

He sleeps just like this, with his hands above his head. 8 weeks old.

He sleeps just like this, with his hands above his head. 8 weeks old.

In addition, I’ve added work back into the schedule.  I started back on Friday and it went much better than expected!  I decided to go back on a Friday, hoping that it would be easier to go back one day and then have the whole weekend to snuggle Keaton before going back again.  Good decision!  I didn’t cry once, although I teared up on the ride to work.  We are so fortunate that Aaron and I work just minutes from our house and that my mom is staying home with him, so we get to go home for lunch every day for an hour of sweet snuggles.  And, my mom is so sweet to have him awake and ready for cuddles as soon as we walk in the door.  I couldn’t think of a better scenario for a working parent.

My favorite picture by far of Keaton.  9 weeks old.

My favorite picture by far of Keaton. 9 weeks old.

So, our new normal is turning out to be pretty great! I’m really looking forward to experiencing the coming holidays with him since so far, everything seems to be more fun with a baby.  Plus, just WAIT until you see the Christmas outfits I have for him!!


Keaton and Mommy keeping warm at 9 weeks

We have lots to look forward to and so much to be thankful for.


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