Master Suite Updates

I’ll admit we haven’t shown many (or any) pictures of our master bedroom in our house, on this blog or otherwise.  That’s because it’s rarely 100% clean or neat.  Not that we are very messy people, but it’s just very lived in.  So you’ll get a rare peak at part of it today.  We love our master suite and spend a lot of time there but one thing I’ve never really loved about the room is the art over our bed:

photo (12)

It’s OK, but not amazing, and honestly – it isn’t really my style.  It was one of those things where I hate to have things undone so we kind of slapped something up there so our master bedroom would look finished when we moved in.  But it’s certainly not up to par with all those pictures on Pinterest of serene master bedrooms that we all want.  I’ve always wanted to “upgrade” that artwork but wasn’t sure what to put there or wasn’t able to find anything for a good price.

But then I found this mammoth:

photo (15)

When we went to Myrtle Beach last week, we visited a few TJ Maxx stores and I found this beautiful large gold-ish mirror on clearance for $27.99.  I know it doesn’t fit into our “no frills” budget right now, but I just loved it and knew it would look great in our house.  And for a mirror that huge and bulky, it was certainly a great price, especially after finding this link online that is selling this exact mirror for $350!!  It wouldn’t fit in our car on the way home so my parents took it for us and finally delivered it to us on July 4th when they came to visit so we could hang it.

It looks so much better over our bed than the old stuff! And much more my style!  It’s such a small change but Aaron and I both agree that it makes a huge difference in our room – it feels so much more put together.  Love it!

photo (13)

I wasn’t sure how the goldish color would look with all the chrome & silver finishes we have, but because of the gold nailhead trim on our headboard, it matches great!

photo (16)

And while we were at it, I begged Aaron to finally attach some chrome handles to the faux drawers on our master bathroom vanity.  I bought these handles around Christmas time (with a gift card of course) in anticipation of us putting them on once we painted the vanity white.  I’m not sure why we never installed them but I am glad they are done now.  Here’s the front of  the vanity without the handles.

photo (29)

And here it is now, with the handles on.  Even though they are on faux drawers, I think it really makes the vanity look more complete and little less “builder-grade.”

photo (18)

Excuse the strip of missing paint that Aaron pulled off while installing the handles. We’ll need to add that to our list!

It felt really good to do even just a few small home upgrade since we haven’t done much of that since we found out we were pregnant (outside of baby stuff).  Yay for easy upgrades and crossing things off my list before baby comes!


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