When it rains it pours!

…In a good way!

We’ve been super busy lately, but with all good things!  In a matter of about 9 days we had my sister fly in from LA, my best friends from Charleston drive up for a weekend, an ultrasound of baby Keaton at the Dr, a baby shower in Raleigh, and a week at the beach with my parents.  Add in the third trimester of pregnancy and I’m exhausted again just typing all that out!  But I wouldn’t change our whirlwind week and a half for anything.

Katie & BriAnne, my very best friends that I met in high school and am still close to, drove up from Charleston to spend a weekend with us and attend a baby shower on June 22.  I was so glad to see them but I hate that their trip was so short.  I LOVE being with them and love how they are already crazy about baby Keaton!  My sister, Ashley, loves these girls too, so here we are excitedly waiting at the airport for Ashley’s plane to arrive from LAX.


After a yummy lunch, and a nap for me, we were off to Angela’s house.  Angela used to be my supervisor when I worked for the NC Department of Commerce as a designer and we are still good friends.  She was so sweet to throw me a baby shower at her home and always does an amazing job decorating!  I think she could totally be a party planner!


To make a long story short, Aaron’s mom has always been obsessed with Alligators.  They saw one on vacation at some point and she’s been into them every since.  To play into her obsession, I bought a Lacoste bath mat for our upstairs guest bathroom (with the Lacoste gator on it) when we moved into our house.  She loved it and for some reason that started me on the alligator train.  I told Aaron that I would love to do a boy’s nursery in alligators one day and so the alligator theme was born!

993918_718330089054_1246794451_n 1044492_718329575084_1419968839_n

Sweet friends and family who were able to make the shower so special.


My sweet California sister – how beautiful is she!!???


We received so many super sweet and thoughtful gifts and you know my A-Type personality was beyond excited to check some needed things off our list!  (Baby sunglasses included!)


And how cute is this monogrammed alligator back pack?


Or these Star Wars booties???


And, this hand-knitted quilt made by my sister who took a class especially to learn how to make this quilt for us and Baby Keaton.  How special is that? (you can see I’m stunned that my sister actually made this!)


So a wonderful time with so many people who love our family and already love our little boy.  We are so grateful for those who came to help us celebrate this exciting season in our lives.  We love each of you!

And then just as quickly as they came, Katie & BriAnne headed back to Charleston the next day and our family of 5 (My mom, dad, sister, Aaron & me) headed to Myrtle Beach for our last family vacation before a little one is added into the mix.  We are so thankful that Ashley was able to be with us that week!  We don’t get to see her much so it was wonderful to spend a solid week with her.

My dad, sister & Aaron enjoyed some mini golf time while my mom and I enjoyed lots of outlet shopping.  There was plenty of napping, resting, and eating too!  We also took great advantage of the pools and small waterpark near our villa.



Oh just my big ole pregnant (very white) self trying to stay cool in the pool!


Aaron & I also celebrated our 4th anniversary with a night out alone together and a walk on the beach.  Our actual anniversary was on June 20 but we waited until we were at the beach last week to celebrate.  Our last anniversary as a family of two!


My parents.  Do you think they are excited to become grandparents? Almost 40 years together and still as cute as can be!


And here’s a rare picture of all 5 of us.  I love them all so much and am so glad to call them my family!  God blessed us all so much by giving us each other.


This past weekend, tears were shed as Ashley headed back to LA, parents headed back to Clinton, and Aaron and I are back, dragging at work this week.  But what an amazing several days!  It almost brings me to tears (again!) thinking about all the laughter, fun, and love Keaton is being born into.

To our friends and family – I thank my God every time I remember you. Philippians 1:3


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