Going back to work

Aaron and I are getting over a full week (or more like two) of being sick with a cold.  I lost a full week of productivity and that’s super frustrating to me.  I had to get ready for father’s day (with two dads), Aaron’s brother’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, friends coming in from South Carolina, our first baby shower, my sister flying in from LA, and a week at the beach  – and I got nothing done over the last week or two in preparation for any of that!  And I’m pretty sure I missed Victoria’s Secret’s semi annual sale and you can forget any grocery shopping.

Well, now that I’m done with my pity party, we have got some WORK to do!  House needs cleaning, laundry needs washing, sheets need changing, groceries and presents need purchasing, and beach bags need packing!  I’ll see you all again once I come up for air.  One thing I did get done before we got sick was this cute “Hospital survival kit” I put together for Aaron for Father’s Day, that he loved!


I got him his own diaper bag (that isn’t Kate Spade & hot pink like mine), some mini-toiletries to pack for the hospital, snack mix in case he can’t eat for a while during labor, some energy drinks to keep him awake while I’m in labor, Cottonelle wipes in case he can’t shower for a day or two, some cute NC State baby booties that I knew he’d love for Keaton, and some new swim trunks in case we have to labor in a tub/shower.  I also had some pain meds in there in case he gets a headache with all the labor craziness going on, but he’s already put those to good use.  It was fun putting that little bag together for him and I hope those things will allow for a little less stress for us both on D-Day.

I’ve also added this photo to my Bumpdates page – Now, I’m 27.5 weeks along and in the third trimester!  Not to much further to go!


And now, about going back to work. Maybe it’s because I’ve had it all worked out in my mind for a really long time, but I’m still surprised when people close to me ask if I’m going back to work or not.  Not that people shouldn’t ask me, but I thought we’ve told most people what our plans are after that baby comes.  I guess not.  So here’s the plan.

Our number one goal over the last 6-9 months has been to pay down the debt we have (college loans, car loans, etc.) using Dave Ramsey’s snowball method.  And, it’s working!  We’re getting there slowly but surely!  But that’s because we are spending much less than before and putting every extra cent we have towards the debt payoff, thanks to two full time salaries.  The point of this has always been to pay it all off so the only debt we have is our mortgage and to keep it that way so I can quit my job and stay at home with our kids one day.

But as you can tell, the kids part happened before the debt is going to get paid off.  And that’s ok.  

I can choose to be frustrated that we didn’t pay it all off before the baby arrives and we could have chosen to wait to have a baby after the debt was gone.  But that’s not where we are.  We are THRILLED to be having a baby at this point in our lives and know that God chose to give us this child at this point in time for a reason and we believe He’s also chosen to give us the resources we need to raise this child.  Debt or no debt.

So, with debt still an issue, we had another choice to make.  Do I stay home with our child anyway and go back to minimum payments on debt or do I keep working so we can keep chipping away at it quicker?  Right now, regardless of what you believe might be the best choice for us, we chose for me to keep working.  We believe it’s the right choice for us right now.  Eventually, we hope the debt will be gone and I can quit working so we’ll keep moving toward that goal until we achieve it or until God tells us to do otherwise.

The best part of going back to work?  MY MOM!


My sweet mama put in her retirement papers (she was a Middle School teacher) as soon as she found out I was pregnant, and will take on “live in nanny” as her next career.  She’s going to come stay with us during the week and watch Keaton while I work, and then return to Clinton with my dad on the weekends.

If I HAVE to go back to work, I can’t think of a better scenario than this one!  Not only have we been blessed with free childcare, but we live 5 minutes from my job so I’ll always be close by my baby boy.  I also go home for lunch every day so I’ll get to see our sweet one for a few minutes mid-day and mom can always meet me somewhere for lunch with Keaton.

And God’s timing is so much better than our own because we are due in September, I’ll go back to work around mid – November, then we’ve got the Thanksgiving holiday where we can be off a few days with Keaton, plus Aaron and I each get a week off at Christmas, so even more time to hug and kiss baby until he pops!  I am so grateful for those “built in breaks” from work that I’ll have to look forward to that will make going back to work just a bit more bearable.

So while I’d love to stay home with Keaton from the get-go, I know that he will be in excellent hands and that this is the right choice for our family right now.  God is more than generous to give us exactly what we need at this point in our lives and we are so grateful that we have the options we have. We are so blessed!


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