I just posted this pic to my Bumpdates page – 24 weeks along!  Looking a whole lot less like Princess Kate and a lot more like Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian, but at least it’s just for a few more months.  And, while we were at the beach this past weekend with friends, a lady made a very big deal about how I didn’t even look pregnant from the back, while we were shopping.  I could have hugged her!

photo (8)

I don’t know that anyone would ever describe me as unprepared.  For anything.  But I think pregnancy-brain has pushed me into overdrive.  Here are the major things I’m tackling lately.

While frivolous, it was important to me to have a brand new set of very nice (blue) pajamas & a matching robe for while I am in the hospital and after I’m home.  I know that’s not that important in the grand scheme of things, but that’s what I wanted.  I found a beautiful set on the Motherhood maternity site by Jessica Simpson (read: $$$) that was exactly what I had envisioned.  Of course, it was super expensive (at least to me).  Thankfully, I waited until I found a good deal.  I waited until they had a promotion for 20% off the entire order, plus I had received a $20 off card for signing up for their mailing list, plus I found a free shipping code, and I found a 5% off code.  Seeing that price drop after all those codes was more fun to me than just about anything!


Robe I ordered with the pj pants and top – can’t find a pic of the pajamas by themselves because it’s been sold out!

Anyway, it came in and now I’ve started packing for the hospital!  Of course, there are several things that can’t be packed just yet, but I’ve got my suitcase, & diaper bag (and blue pajamas!) all ready to go in case Keaton comes early.  I’ve also got our hospital pre-registration forms printed, filled out and ready to go, plus a list of doctor & family phone numbers all in a folder together for the big day.

I’m also getting the house ready for the 2 months that I’ll be on maternity leave.  I’ll be paid for at least half that, leaving us up to a month without my paycheck.  That certainly won’t put us in the poor house, but we want to be ready nonetheless!  I’ll be stocking up on shampoo, toilet paper, diapers and the like from now until then so for that month that I’m not bringing home any bacon, we’ll be covered with the necessities and won’t have to make many emergency runs to the store. (Thanks to Super Doubles at HT this week for helping me do some stocking up!)

I’m also starting on my Christmas list.  Since baby is due in September and I’ll be out of work until mid-November and we’ve got a month with no pay, plus hospital and pediatricians bills, it just makes good sense to get a good chunk of our Christmas shopping done before September.  Keaton probably won’t be getting much this year (hello – he’ll be 3-4 months old – He won’t remember it anyway.) but I was able to find some great deals at a Nautica Outlet at the beach this past weekend for Aaron (hello gorgeous Nautica sweater for $13!!).

Even though Keaton won’t get much this year, I’ve already got his big Christmas present for next year!  While at the beach this past weekend, I found this Fisher Price Play My Way center at Tuesday Morning for just $15!  You buy the bins separately that turn the center into a workshop or kitchen, etc., but the part I bought is selling for $50 at Kmart right now.  Score!  I’ll just buy the bins as they are on sale at amazon and save the whole thing for next Christmas, when he can open it and actually be excited about it.  Of course, my favorite part is that all the pieces come in bins that store underneath for neat organization.  Love paying less than half off retail!


Lastly, I have to share the amazing diaper purchase that I recently made.  I’m trying to find the best deals on diapers any way I can and I came across an amazing deal on one of my coupon websites, Southern Savers.  All I had to do was sign up for Amazon Mom Prime (which gave me a $20 credit), choose an economy pack of diapers (I chose a size 1, 234 count box for around $43), then at check out, I had to sign up for “Subscribe and Save” feature which took about $8.46 off my order and gave me free shipping.  Add in the $20 credit and I paid $13.83 for 234 diapers!!  That comes to roughly $0.06 per diaper!  That’s just amazing to me!

Seriously – how would we function without coupons, promotion codes, and discount stores?


4 thoughts on “Preparedness

  1. I’m always amazed at your good deals, and your patience with waiting for things to go on sale! I seriously need a lesson on some coupons and promo codes…it’s seems like such a hassel to me, but it sounds like it’s worth it in the end.

    And- I totally bought special pajamas for the hospital, too! I mean, you’ll have visitors and you’ll want to look nice, yet comfortable! Mine were super soft and still a favorite to this day. I so wanted to cheat and wear them before Davis arrived, but I didn’t! Love what you picked out!!

    • Thanks Courtney – I’m glad to offer savings tips anytime! And Aaron is always telling me to just go ahead and wear those pajamas but I want them to be special and new for baby! Glad I’m not the only one!

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