Boring, but productive

I keep telling people that the Gouldings are pretty darn boring lately.  And we truly are – but I am loving this season right now.  We have much craziness to come and much to look forward to in the coming months and year so while we are pretty boring, it’s been so good to rest and just be together lately, soaking up the quietness.

I’m falling asleep WAAY before dark and then (mostly) sleeping throughout the night but I really think that’s contributing to me feeling so good during the day.  And, most of the big baby & nursery items are already done so I’m starting to feel really good about bringing Keaton home.

One of the biggest items we crossed off our list lately is our car seat & stroller.  I did quite a bit of research and the Chicco Cortina constantly came up as one of the best travel systems to have for baby, next to all the crazy expensive ones out there that I’d never consider just on principle.  The Chicco Cortina set got almost 5 stars on every test in our Baby Bargains book a friend loaned us.  Plus, I love that it comes in different colors (LOVE my lime green!) and that Chicco has a really low recall rate.  And, believe it or not, this stroller was ranked one of the best for “shorter people” to maneuver – score!


My Aunt Kathy, who lives near Minneapolis, is unable to come to a shower we are having next month so she graciously sent us this travel system as an early shower gift.  We are so grateful!  The organizers in Aaron and me immediately unpacked it and put it all together.  Aaron wasn’t really a part of that early “research phase” so it was fun to watch him discover all the features of the stroller/carseat while putting it together – his favorite part?  It has good wheels/tires.  That’s a car guy for you!  The A-type in me wants to go ahead and install the car seat in my car “just in case,” but all my baby books say not to (if I get into a wreck, I’ll ruin the seat and have to buy a brand new one) so I’ll resist.

Speaking of Aaron, this happened this week:

photo (5)

He broke his hand.  On our steel front door.  As if that wasn’t bad enough on it’s own, pair that with a pregnant wife and we are an interesting pair right now!  Good thing we got lots of big stuff done for baby BEFORE the hand got broken, or we’d be in a pickle since Aaron can’t put anything together, lift anything, or carry anything that uses two hands.  I’m trying to be a big girl about the fact that he’ll be in that contraption during baby showers, multiple trips to the beach, and possibly through maternity photos.  I keep telling myself as long as it’s off before the baby comes, we’ll be alright.

Aaron was able to help me one-handed with this find on Craigslist this week, though:

photo (7)

It’s a train table for Keaton that we found for $30 on Craigslist in Cary. When we picked it up, the lady said her kids never used it, so it’s brand new.  And, it has storage drawers unlike other tables I’d seen on Craigslist.  Aaron and I both enjoyed the more creative activities the most as children and this table is going to be perfect for all kinds of those activities like Legos, coloring, play dough, etc.  It fits perfect in the center of our office and we’ve already stocked the drawers with Aaron’s Legos and Erector sets.  I’d love to get a few little stools to put around for him (and us!) to sit on, too.

In coupon/savings news, I just have to share my most recent trip to Rite Aid:

photo (6)

They are having an amazing Huggies Diapers deal where if you buy $20 worth of Huggies or Scott tissue, you get 6 Up rewards (like a store credit), and you can do that deal twice.  So I bought $40 worth, including 4 packs of diapers and a 12 pack of of tissue:

Huggies Slip on Diapers (2): $9.49 each plus I used two $2.50 off coupons making each of these $6.99 each.

Huggies Jumbo size 2 diapers: $9.49 plus a $1.50 off coupon making this $7.99

Huggies Lil Snugglers: $9.49 plus a $1.00 off coupon making this $8.49

Scott Extra soft 12 pack: $7.49 plus a $1.50 off coupon making this $5.99

TOTAL: $45.45 before coupons (qualifying me for $12.00 in rewards back) minus $9.00 in coupons = $36.45 + tax is what I paid.  Subtract what I made in rewards = $24.45 total making each item I bought $4.89 plus tax.  Not bad at all for diapers or tissue!

So we’re getting a lot done, but we’re also clocking in a lot of couch time, which is honestly really good for us.  God knows what we need and is gracious to give us so much quiet alone time lately.  Once baby is here, I’m sure we’ll forget what this is like!


2 thoughts on “Boring, but productive

  1. We have the same travel system and love it. My favorite feature, it reclines all the way back…flat, making it a great diaper changing area while out and about and there are no stations, for when Keaton is a bit bigger. What a great and generous gift!

  2. We have The same travel system and we love it. My favorite feature is that it reclines all the way back making a great changing station when you need one! What a great and generous gift !

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