5 Updates

Just  a few little updates on our lives…

1. We painted the nursery!  Well, when I say “we” I mean Aaron.  My pregnant self isn’t allowed to paint.  But, we were able to get a good low voc, non-toxic paint from Lowes that didn’t smell up the house at all, so I was able to be downstairs while Aaron painted away in the nursery upstairs without me smelling a thing.  We’ll reveal more nursery later, but here’s a teaser of the color we chose, our baby bedding, our crib, and some twin bedding that will be in the room.  The walls aren’t nearly as purple as they look here – the color is called “Blue Eyes.”


photo-86 copy 3


And, we are going to paint the back panel of a white bookcase NC State red, thanks to a coupon for a free 8 ounce sample from Lowes!  Love a free project!

photo (25)

2. A normally very organized couple + Spring cleaning + a nesting mommy = getting TONS done over the last few weekends, besides painting.   Try to keep up: I was able to line Keaton’s dresser drawers with liner paper; I did two more loads of his sheets, blankets, used clothes, etc. that we already had on hand and put those away; I cleaned out the cabinets in our two full bathrooms to make room for Keaton’s bath things and space for my mom to use while she’s here watching him; I cleared a space in the kitchen for bottles and sippy cups; I cleaned out the coral bedroom closet for my mom to use while she’s here; we set up the pack n play in the living room; I packed up all of the girl items I had into a storage bin for possible use one day; I finished registering us in the store at Target; We bought frames for some artwork I’ve ordered for the nursery; and, thanks to a yard sale at our church, I got rid of a TON of junk that’s been piling up, too!  Phew!

3. My sister sent me the most amazing paintings for baby Keaton’s room recently!  She’s always been a great artist so it’s no surprise that she’s talented enough to take all my ideas for the baby’s room and make exactly what I would have wanted for artwork.  She’s so thoughtful and kind!  For the grouping of 4, she took an idea we had both seen on Etsy (but never communicated that we each saw it and loved it – she had no idea I had seen it and wanted it) and put her own spin on it and made it match our plans for the nursery perfectly.  We haven’t hung it all up yet – I’m waiting to figure out curtains first – but I can’t wait to see it all finished!


Here’s the canvas grouping we had each seen on Etsy, but it costs over $200:


And here’s Ashley’s version.  SO perfect and special:


4. I’m loving finding deals for baby Keaton, especially with clothes.  While I love consignment stores, I’m finding that I can find brand new clothes at the same prices if I follow sales, promotion codes, and free shipping times online.  My most recent success was at The Children’s Place online.  They were having a clearance blowout, plus that day was a free shipping day, plus I found a code for 15% off any purchase.  So I grabbed the 6 pieces below for just a few dollars each!  The pants (with embroidered penguins) were just $1.50 and that little argyle vest was just $3.50!  How cute is he going to be in those little oxford shirts!?

photo (26)

I also found some Ralph Lauren shirts at Homegoods/TJ Maxx in Apex on clearance for great deals – the t-shirts were just $5 each!  Aaron just about only wears Ralph Lauren shirts (ever!) so he’s excited that he and Keaton will be all matchy matchy now.  He’s going to be so super cute!

photo (27)

And, I found this super cute little outfit (which is now pretty much my favorite outfit I have for Keaton) from Baby Gap the other night at the Cary mall.  They had some great pieces on clearance plus an extra 30% off all clearance.  This piece cost me just $5!

Intarsia penguin one-piece - dark malachite

5. With all the planning going on for baby, I’ve been trying to anticipate our needs over the next several months and make sure that we have everything we could possibly need for when Keaton arrives.  One of the things on my list was new glasses.  Aaron and I wear contacts – I have old glasses for use at night and Aaron has never had glasses.  I imagine with all the up and down we are going to be doing at night with a newborn, we are going to need to be able to see to get up and down the hall quickly.  So I stored that info in the back of my mind and kept an eye open for an opportunity to invest in some new glasses for us both.  Enter Coastal Contacts:


These guys have a coupon code floating out there for a FREE PAIR OF GLASSES!!!  And, if you need glasses, the code should still work.  Use FIRSTPAIRFREE to get them free.  Aaron and I just had to pay for shipping and handling which was about $15, but the rest was free.  We went by our eye doctor and asked them to print out our prescription so we had it correct and then just typed it all into the site and chose our desired frames. They even had a feature where Aaron and I uploaded pictures of ourselves so we could see how we’d look with different frames.  It’s a good thing, too, because I was just about to buy some pink Lacoste frames when I saw them on myself – yuck!  Good thing I found some super cute Nicole Miller frames – still in pink – that looked much better.   They arrived quickly and came in nice glasses cases with cleaning kits as well.  So this item is crossed off my “baby to do list” – FOR FREE!

*Coastal Contacts did not sponsor this post or ask me to write nice things about them – I just think two pairs of free glasses is amazing.


3 thoughts on “5 Updates

  1. Such a cute nursery! Love that it is all coming together and I like your sister’s paintings far more than the $200 ones! I can’t believe all the good deals you are getting on baby clothes! Those are amazing steals! Keaton will be one well dressed little man at a fraction of the cost!

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