It’s a BLUE 16 Week update

Just an fyi – I started a “bumpdates” tab at the top of the blog to record all of my bump pictures in one place.  It’s cool to see how my belly has progressed already. (ps. Why am I SO much bigger than every other 16 week pregnant lady on the planet??)

And here’s me this past weekend on Easter Sunday.  Baby’s getting bigger!


I’m feeling really good lately, thank goodness, and starting to really enjoy being pregnant.  What still isn’t so fun is the constant crying and tiredness, but I guess that’s just par for the course right now.

The most exciting thing about being 16 weeks was the possibility that we could find out the gender of our baby at my 16 week appointment, just two days after Easter.  Aaron and I have been dying to know the gender of this baby since about 2.5 seconds after we found out we were pregnant!  Our doctor didn’t promise we could find out at 16 weeks, but said if we asked, he MIGHT tell us (since he usually does the gender scan at 20 weeks).  I didn’t plan to just ask at that 16 week appointment – I planned to beg.

While I was going to be thrilled with a boy or girl, I’ve always wanted a daughter.  My mom thought it was a girl and thought I was carrying like a girl, and when we polled our families they all thought it was a girl too.  Plus, I was super sick for a long time, which would suggest a girl.  Because of all of this, I was convinced there was a boy in there.  I just knew that would be God’s humor to leave us all expecting a girl when it wasn’t.  So I prepared myself for a boy and was actually getting super excited about the thought of a son in the days leading to the appointment.  I even had more set ideas on a boys nursery than a girls by the time our appointment came around.

Well, on Tuesday our sweet doctor remembered that he said he would look at the gender for us, and he did!  It turns out I was right!  It’s a boy in there!  A sweet, handsome, loved little boy!  I was in tears before he even told me what it was since I was so excited to find out.  Aaron and I squealed when he told us it was a boy and I kept saying “I knew it!” and “I love him so much!” Our families were, of course, equally excited. I only have a sister, my mom only has a sister and I generally just babysit girls so we’ve got a whole new world of BOY to figure out, but we are all super excited about it.

photo (9)

This is his bottom and the plus sign is on his boy parts.

photo (7)

Another view of his bottom, the plus sign is on his male parts and the whiter area is his hand.

I can’t believe I’m this excited about a boy.  And even more exciting?  We have a name!

Keaton James Goulding

We’ve had this name picked out for quite a while.  “Keaton” comes from my great grandmother’s maiden name.  I grew up hearing a lot about “Grandmother Keaton” from my mom and my grandparents and since I was so close with my grandparents, it’s special to me to be able to honor my grandfather by using his mother’s maiden name.  “James” is Aaron’s middle name and his father’s first name.  Aaron’s brother also has James as his middle name so I think it’s special that all the Goulding men will have James in their name.  We love his name and I can’t stop calling him Keaton.  It’s special and kind of different, which I like.

photo (8)

Last night, I got into the nursery and tried to “divide and conquer” the mound of baby clothes we’ve been collecting for years and was able to do a load of Keaton’s laundry.  My new favorite scent is Dreft baby detergent – his clothes smell amazing!  My sweet husband folded it all when I got too tired – and there is NOTHING sweeter than seeing Aaron fold little tiny baby sleepers. He’s going to be a great daddy!


Now, if we can just tackle that nursery!  The designer in me is going crazy with ideas!


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