The last few weeks…

Here’s an update on how we told our parents we were pregnant and a few updates from the last several weeks that we couldn’t really share until now.  That feels like so long ago, but I’m glad I wrote it down to remember it.


Six weeks: My mom and I talk on the phone every day so this was SO HARD not to tell her over the last week.  She and I have been ready for Baby G for over a year, so I knew she would be super excited and I wanted her to help me plan everything.  My dad is almost legally blind so I knew that whatever I did to break the news, it couldn’t be something they had to read or see.  Otherwise, my dad wouldn’t understand and would be out of the loop while my mom squealed.  So I decided that it had to be audible.  My parents came to our house on Sunday, January 20th to pick us up for a trip to Charlotte to see my grandmother.  We had done so many house projects lately and my parents had not been able to see all we had done so they came inside before our trip so we could show them our white fireplace.  After they took a peak, and loved it, I said “well, there’s another project we’ve been working on” – and my mom just rolled her eyes!  I guess she was kind of over all the house projects we’ve been doing and how busy we had been so she wasn’t thrilled at the idea of us taking on more.  So with my parents looking at me like “what next?” I said “It’s a baby!”  My mom yelled “ARE YOU SURE???” When I said yes, she started jumping up and down and squealing like crazy and hugging me.  It was so fun!  She even scared our sweet Abby Dog to death!

It was such great timing that we were riding together to Charlotte right after that, because we had several hours to talk non-stop about Baby G, the nursery, maternity clothes, and all kinds of baby-related topics.  We also took that drive as an opportunity to tell my sister.  My sister, Ashley, lives in Los Angeles so I didn’t have the luxury of telling her in person.  So I asked her if she could call us when she got out of church (around 3:00 our time) – this isn’t necessarily unusual since we like to talk to Ashley when we are all together anyway.  I had grabbed a super cute bib that said “I love my Aunt” before we headed to Charlotte as I knew we’d be making that call.  I took a picture of the bib on my phone and sent it to her while I was talking to her.  She wasn’t quite sure why I had sent that but when I said “because you are going to be an Aunt!” there were even more squeals and she started crying so hard that we couldn’t understand her anymore!


Next stop was Aaron’s parent’s house on the way to Charlotte, since they live in High Point. My mom had a few things for Mrs. Goulding so we said we had to stop by to drop those things off.  Aaron’s mom is obsessed with Precious Moments because she says Aaron was a “Precious Moments baby” with his teardrop eyes.  So months ago, I found a baby shampoo bottle with Precious Moments on it and I saved it for this day.  I put it in a gift bag and gave to Carol while everyone watched her open it.  She opened it and I said “You’re going to need that to wash your grand baby in September” and more squeals!

Once in Charlotte, I was able to tell my grandmother as well.  She’s been under the weather so we thought news of a third great grandchild for her would be welcome news, and it was!  I showed her the ultrasound picture and she kissed it!  And since we shared with my grandmother, we had to share with my aunts and uncles who live in Charlotte too, or she was going to tell them herself!  So I called both of my aunts and told them and their families.  I was nervous about telling so many people in our family so early, but I figured they would probably find out if I had a miscarriage anyway and would be totally supportive.  As expected, everyone is so excited and happy for us and Baby G is going to be loved SO much!

Eight weeks: This was at my first appointment with my new “baby doctor.” My old GYN doesn’t deliver babies so I had to find a new one for this pregnancy.  This certainly wasn’t the first time we’d seen Baby G on an ultrasound (we’ve seen it about every week up until this point due to a cyst I have) but this was the first time I could recognize it as a baby.  Before, it looked like a little blob on the screen but this time I could make out arms and legs.  This is when it started to be real (kind of) and feel more like MY baby.


Twelve weeks: This is me at about 12 weeks.  I woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and noticed that the baby decided to just pop out today!  I guess I’m showing a baby bump now!  I was concerned that this was too early to be showing but the doc says it’s normal.



We also had our big 12 week appointment with our OB around this time.  So this is the latest picture of Baby G that we have.  Every time we see him/her it gets more real.  The doc still says everything looks perfect.  And, for those wondering (like I was!), the dr. doesn’t think that’s a penis down there – it’s more likely the baby’s foot/leg. He tried to look at the gender for us, but he couldn’t tell anything.  Maybe he can tell next time!


We can’t wait to see how much he/she has grown at 16 weeks and 20 weeks!  At one of those appointments, we’ll find out the gender!  I. CAN. NOT. WAIT!


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