Updates the sequel.

And we’re back with another round of updates that Aaron and I completed over the holidays.  This time, the theme was paint.  And more paint.  And more paint.  I don’t know that I’ll ever get the white paint out from under my fingernails.  But it was all worth it – we made some amazing changes to our house.  Here are the rest of our updates:

Update #8: Guest bathroom vanity hardware.  The guest bathroom vanity is brown (yuck) and had gold handles and hinges (double yuck).  After thinking long and hard about how to remidy this situation, I have actually decided to leave this vanity dark brown, for now.  That room is just so bright that I am afraid painting it white will just make it way too bright.  Plus the countertop in there is white so it seems like it would be too much white. So the vanity is staying brown for now, but the gold hardware has to go.  In order to save some penny’s, I bought some metallic silver spray paint with a giftcard I received and with just a few coats, they were good as new!

photo (34)

photo (33)

But before I could paint them, I had to clean them.  But thanks to a quick google search and a quick scrub with soap and vinegar, they were ready to paint!

photo (32)

And here’s the after.  Not a huge change, but at least it isn’t gold.  It this looks so much better in person and much more noticeable.

photo (39)

Update #9:  Guest bathroom vanity light.  This is the second light that we’ve had to take care of in this bathroom.  In my last post, I talked about replacing the overhead light but for some reason vanity lights don’t come as cheap.  The cheapest I could find in chrome was $50 at Lowes.  Even with a gift card, that wasn’t in my budget so since my new best friend seems to be spray paint, I just had Aaron unhook it from the wall and take off the old shades and I painted it metallic silver.  I’m afraid I don’t have a good before picture except for this one.

photo (36)

And here it is after I sprayed it.  Best thing about this room now?  There is NO GOLD at all left in this bathroom!

photo (41)

And here’s the whole bathroom with all the updates includes. New chrome showerhead, new chrome shower curtain rod,  spray painted hinges and cabinet pulls, spray painted vanity light, and new chrome ceiling light.  Phew!

photo (42)

Update #10: Coral Guest bedroom.  My parents were gracious enough to give me new bedding for this bedroom for Christmas.  I love the coral color on the walls but the brown/tans that were in there just weren’t working and made the room really washed out.  I updated you all on a few changes I made in there, but now it’s complete!  Here’s how it looked before the turquoise changes:


And here it is now.  The bedding is really similar to our master bedroom bedding, but I guess that’s because I love it.  It’s a lot brighter in there now and I love the color combo!

photo (28)

Update #11: Fireplace Wall mirror.  I love this wall mirror that I found at Homegoods years ago that lives above our fireplace.  But, we are painting our fireplace white so the white mirror isn’t going to show up anymore.  So while we have that metallic silver spray paint out, we put it to more good use to change up the color of the mirror.  I taped up the middle and sprayed away!

photo (35)

photo (36)

All finished (and it may or may not be seen on our painted brick fireplace here…):

photo (40)

Update #11: Master bathroom vanity.  Like the other updates, we’ve wanted to paint this vanity for a long time.  I spray painted the gold hinges when I did the ones in the guest bathroom, and bought 4 new chrome pulls to get rid of the gold ones. I also bought 4 pulls for the faux drawers that previously didn’t have anything on them, but they just aren’t here yet from amazon. Here’s a before photo without the new light we installed and without the new chrome magnifying mirror we talked about in the last post:

Goodbye wallpaper!

And here’s what craziness looks like:

photo (43)

And the finished product!  So much brighter in there!  One thing I didn’t expect to see what just how ugly the counter top is.  The white vanity really makes the beige/yellowy counter top stand out now.  I’ll have to look into just how much that would be to replace but I’d love to have carerra marble there.  Maybe that will be our next project?

photo (30)

photo (29)

Update #12: Kitchen cabinets.  We painted our kitchen cabinets white before we even moved into the house 2.5 years ago.  For some odd reason, we didn’t deem it necessary to paint the bottoms of the cabinets.  Well, it has bothered Aaron and I since so with all the painting going on, we quickly touched up those areas.

photo (30)

And here’s the finished product. Again, a smaller change but it really should have been done from the beginning.

photo (20)

Update #12: And finally – the fireplace!!  Here’s the fireplace before we painted it:

Painted a lighter green, added two chairs, and built a new ottoman.

And here it is, painted white and with our spray painted mirror back up there.  There was a moment when I started rolling that I wondered if I had made a mistake since I can’t take it back.  But then after seeing the whole thing finished – I LOVE IT!  Aaron walked in the room and said “It really does brighten up the whole room”- YES!  That’s what I was wanting and was hoping it would do.  Love Love Love it! The fireplace screen handles are still gold because we can’t figure out how to get them off, but once we do – you better believe they will not be gold for long!

photo (21)

photo (22)

And that’s just about all the house projects I can handle for a while.  We are very grateful for the resources and physical ability to get these things done.  God has blessed us so much this past year. Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a happy New Year. Happy 2013!


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