Her favorite color is…Chrome

Thanks to Trace Adkins for that title.  And thanks to some generous Christmas gifts, I was able to add quite a bit of chrome to our house after Christmas this year.  Here are the updates we’ve made so far (more to come!)

Since our budget for home upgrades is generally nada right now, I was very careful about what I asked for for Christmas and what I used any gift cards on.  I wanted to get as many items as I could and not spend anything out of pocket.  And, I was fairly successful!  Obviously, the theme seems to be chrome here.  Our house was built in the 1980’s so lots of the finishes in our house are still that 80’s gold.  We’ve always hated them but we just couldn’t afford to do all our house projects at once.  I’m more than a little excited that a lot of it is finally going away.

Upgrade #1: The guest bathroom shower head.  Here is the shower head before plus the weird sprayer attachment that came with it that never really worked that well. It wasn’t gold, but it certainly needed to be updated.

photo (17)

photo (10)

And now here it is after we installed a new one, thanks to a Bed Bath and Beyond gift card from sweet friends.  Not only is it all chrome now, but the sprayer works well and will be SO helpful in bathing Abby.

photo (9)

Upgrade #2: The guest bathroom shower curtain rod.  We started with the beige, plastic, gross shower curtain rod that came with the house.  It worked fine but didn’t look nice and was starting to get gross. Also, it was too low so the shower curtain was kind of puddled at the floor.  Thanks to my husband, I received a beautiful new Moen chrome one for Christmas! Here’s the before:


photo (6)

And here’s the after.  SO much better!

photo (7)

photo (8)

Upgrade #3: Guest bathroom flush mount ceiling light. I’m still on my mission to get rid of all of the “boob lights” in our house and this one especially had to go since everything else in the bathroom is turning chrome and this light was bronze.  Thanks to a visa gift card I received (that I used primarily at Lowes), I was able to grab an updated chrome/glass light for $14.99.  Here’s the before:

photo (26)

And here’s the after.  It looks so much better up there than I imagined.  It took me a long time to settle on this light but I’m so glad I did. It’s so hard to take photos of light fixtures so there’s also a pic from the box to show you what it looks like.  It looks even better in person.

photo (29)

photo (37)

Upgrade #4: Master bathroom toilet paper roll holder.  All of the fixtures in our master bathroom are chrome & gold together.  So I’m wanting to upgrade them and thanks to the hubbs again, I received a Moen chrome toilet paper holder for Christmas.  Here’s what came with the house:

photo (23)

And here it is after Aaron did some spackling and I repainted:

photo (23)

Upgrade #5: Master bathroom hinged magnifying mirror. Now, this is not something I’ve ever needed but it came with the house, and after having it for a few years, I’m in love!  I love using this mirror to put on my makeup.  But it’s ugly gold.  And then I broke it with my hairbrush by accident.  So it had to go.  But thanks to my husband, I received a new chrome one for Christmas!  Here’s the before:

photo (24)

And this is where it is in our bathroom:

photo (22)

And here it is after Aaron did some more spackling and I did a little painting.  This was one of the biggest gold fixtures in the house so it feels good to get it replaced:

photo (27)

photo (26)

Upgrade #6: Master bathroom bi-fold door knobs. We have bi-fold doors that lead from our master bedroom into our master bathroom and they have knobs/pulls on both sides of the doors – which  were all gold. I was able to grab two chrome knobs at Lowes to replace the gold knobs but since the other pulls are so specific, I just spray painted them with metallic silver paint. Here are the before shots:

photo (27)

photo (28)

And here are the knobs/pulls after.  A very small change, but since I look at those knobs every day, I certainly notice them and appreciate the new look.

photo (25)

photo (24)

Upgrade #7: Kitchen paper towel holder.  Ok, so this one isn’t exactly chrome, but it’s still an upgrade.  We’ve lived 2.5 years without a paper towel roll holder in our kitchen.  It worked, but setting the roll on top of our toaster oven wasn’t exactly my idea of  a “neat” kitchen.  And thanks to my husband, again, I received a paper towel holder for Christmas.  Here’s how the fire-hazard-known-as-our-paper-towel-holder was before.

photo (21)

photo (20)

And here’s it is now.  Yay for being able to pull it off a roll holder!

photo (19)

photo (18)

And that’s the first round of updates we’ve done.  A HUGE thank you to my husband for installing just about everything for me.  Don’t know what I’d do without him.  I’ll be back soon with a few more updates we’ve done.  We’ve been doing one project after another around here but it feels so good to get things crossed off the list!


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