The Campaign

2 and a half years ago when we bought our house, our living room looked like this:


I had a whole design idea board going on in my head before we even moved in, but when I mentioned the part about how I was going to “paint that fireplace white” – I think I gave everyone in our family a mini stroke.

No one liked that idea.  Apparently, no one else had been watching HGTV or following Pinterest or design blogs but me, because white fireplaces are popping up everywhere, and look amazing!  Everyone in our family thought it would bring down the value of our home if we try to sell it one day, since you can’t undo painted brick.  I honestly don’t care. I just don’t think a young couple is going to come into our very cute home and say “you know, we’d love to buy this house but since the fireplace is painted white, I think we’ll have to pass.” And if they do, oh well.  I don’t want them to have my house anyway!  We bought this house for the long haul anyway, so by the time we sell it in 10+ years, I’m sure my quatrefoil wallpaper in my dining room will turn them away before a white fireplace.

Anyway, I let the issue go for a while but recently, I’ve seen more and more “before and after” photos of brick fireplaces being painted and I just REALLY REALLY want that for our living room. Plus, that space is SO DARK so it really needs that white paint to brighten it up.  So I started a campaign to persuade Aaron.

I pulled together tons of before and after photos of brick fireplaces painted white, and even found some that looked very similar to ours.  I then took this photo of our current living room into photoshop to show Aaron what it would look like if we painted the fireplace white.  It’s a rough rendering, but you get the idea:

As our living room is right now...

As our living room is right now…

And here's my very rough photoshop rendering...

And here’s my very rough photoshop rendering…

And, the real thing looks even better in my mind.  That mirror over the fireplace will have to be painted another color or changed out for a new one so it doesn’t blend into the white.  It won’t be yellow like in the rendering though.  And, those gold handles on the fireplace screen will hopefully get changed out for something more updated too.

Anyway, he eventually agreed!  I responded with “REALLY??” he said “yes, only because I know how much you want that.” He’s a keeper.

And, after seeing this post over on Young House Love (my fav!) I have wanted silver-ish sconces on either side of the mirror over the fireplace.  Here’s what YHL did:


I love those sconces so after some digging, I found them at Zgallerie:


They are a bit out of my price range ($40 each) so I googled candle sconces and believe it or not, my beloved Ikea has some that are more square for less than half the price at $14.99 each:


Love them – maybe I can grab them while we are in Charlotte for a Christmas family get together?  I’m also looking on craigslist for cheap ones I can make-over.

And here’s another rough rendering of the space above the fireplace after I paint the mirror (maybe silver?) and install my sconces:


I hope to complete this whole fireplace project while Aaron and I are home for over a week after Christmas.  And what about our budget?  Aaron said that paint could be the rest of my birthday present so it doesn’t mess up our no frills budget!  So no real gifts from him on my birthday in February, but this is so much better!  We’ll have to do this one step at a time to be sure it doesn’t come out looking like a crazy white and silver mess, but I think it’s going to work!

I’ll upload pics once we are finished!


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