Light Love

So you all know about our self-induced “no extras” budget.  That includes very few home upgrades.  I’m ok with that, even though I might drool over Pinterest and the Lowes website.  Lately I’ve been looking at ceiling lighting.  I want to replace all of the lights in our hallways, the lights in our guest bathroom, and some in our kitchen – basically to get them all updated and to make sure they are all silver or chrome.  But I know it will be a while before we can save up to make all that happen.  But then we went to Lowes tonight.

Aaron needed to buy some things for his work and since I went with him, I headed to the lighting section to check out what was in stock and get some ideas.  I noticed the Clearance section and then I spotted this!

It’s pretty much exactly what I have been looking for for our downstairs hallway light.  I even put a similar image on my Pinterest page.  AND DO YOU SEE THE PRICE?!? It was on clearance for $21!  These things online are like $80-$100!  So I grabbed it and told Aaron not to judge me for the splurge.  I then convinced him to buy it for me and call it an early birthday present (for my birthday in February).  He agreed and we went home with this beauty!

Here’s the light I was wanting to replace.  Excuse the term but it’s a “boob light” and I hate it.  And all other boob lights.  They do not belong in my house.  So it needed to go.

So my handy husband (seriously – what would I do without him?) got to work removing the old one and putting up the new one.

I’m pretty sure I started singing “I’m so excited…” and doing a little dance in the hallway as Aaron was installing it.

And here’s the finished product!  Sorry for the poor quality images that make our house look crazy and don’t even do our new light a little bit of justice – it’s hard to photograph a light on or off in an otherwise dark hallway.

I am so beyond thrilled, I could squeal! A beautiful, PERFECT light fixture update in our hallway for $21!  You can’t beat that with a stick!  Maybe we should peruse Lowes more often for those little yellow clearance stickers…


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