Gasp! I went shopping without coupons….

Well, with two coupons, really.

This time of year is so busy and “normal” schedules are kind of thrown out the window, am I right?  So my normal Wednesday or Thursday HT run will probably not be so predictable over the next few weeks.  As proven by this week’s trip.

I had two more of my Recycle Bank coupons for $10 off a $50 purchase and they ran out on Tuesday so I HAD to use them on Monday.  That’s a high value coupon that I just couldn’t stand to waste!  The problem is, Harris Teeter wasn’t running a ton of deals and I honestly hadn’t had time to sit down and match up my coupons with sales. So I decided I wouldn’t stress over it. I’ll still be saving money so no need to fret.  We’re way under budget for groceries this month anyway – so I armed myself with just my two $10 off coupons and went to HT to stock up!

I won’t break it all down for you since there weren’t any coupon match ups, but I did find several things on sale this week at HT and I was able to use my Recycle Bank coupons to take my total from $78.88 to $58.88.  Certainly more than I usually pay for groceries but saving $20 off my total isn’t anything to sneeze at!


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