Thankful for quick projects

I didn’t really buy into the Facebook “post one thankful thing every day” because I knew I’d forget to do one (or 5).  But, I did want to do a thankful list since it’s appropriate this week.  We have much to be thankful for and I, too often, forget all we are blessed to have.  You’ll see my list below.

But first, I wanted to share a quick project that the Hubbs and I completed a few nights ago.  It always makes me happy to get even one little project done so I’m grateful for the few minutes we had (and my husband’s willingness) to knock this one out.

Here is the fan cover for our guest bathroom.  This is the kind of thing that comes with buying a house that was built in the 80’s.  And I’m not sure how much you can tell in the photo, but it’s beige and starting to yellow.  So I wanted it gone. (And let’s not even get started on the stippled ceilings in our house)

Months (or was it even a year?) ago, we bought a cheapo one to replace it at Lowes.  I’m pretty sure we paid less than $2.00 for it, but it is quite a bit better than our 80’s-tastic cover.  I’m not sure why we never put it up after we bought it – bathroom fan covers are probably not one of the first things you notice about a room so maybe I thought it wasn’t a rush.

Unfortunately, the cover didn’t fit quite right so my genius husband was able to do some drimmel action to get it all to fit right.  That hole in the center of it wasn’t original either – we had to add that to make it fit.  But even at $2.00, I refused to go spend any more money on this when we could remedy it ourselves without heading to the store.

And here it is all finished. Maybe not the biggest difference in the world, but I like it a lot better.  Sometimes, it really is the simple things that help a room out!

Now, on to what I’m grateful for.  This list doesn’t even begin to cover it. God has blessed us with so much and I don’t thank Him enough.

1. I am grateful for my husband.  He’s the kindest, godliest, smartest, funniest man I know!  As we travel this life together, I wouldn’t want it to be with anyone else.

2. I am grateful for my family. I have the greatest family anyone could ask for!  Loving and godly parents who model a Christian marriage for me, and a smart and silly sister who is just about the bravest person I know. They are all so supportive of me and have given me such wonderful memories of growing up.  And as I get older and they get older, I feel more grateful for them each day.

3. I am grateful for our house.  We are so blessed to not only have a roof over our heads, but a beautiful home that we love and that we own.  We prayed for specific things when looking for a house and God really blessed us with each item we asked of Him in our home.

4. I am grateful for our Abby Dog. I love her to pieces and she’s taught me so much about caring for someone besides myself.  She’s helped me to be brave when I’m alone, allowed me to be silly when I’m often too serious, and she understands when to be still when I need a hug and a good cry.

5. I am grateful for my car. We are so blessed to be a two-car family and I am so grateful that my car is reliable, safe, and big. We’ve moved to our new house in that car, driven numerous friends all over NC, and drove on our honeymoon in that car.  It will always hold lots of memories for me.

6. I am grateful for my church. Our church has changed and morphed as we’ve been a part of it over the years and we’ve loved it the whole time.  How blessed we are to be a part of a church that is seeking to do God’s will, even in a difficult season.  God has really blessed us with a loving church family who are truly our friends and partners in ministry.

7. I am grateful for our friends. We are so blessed to be surrounded by Christian friends who love us and would do anything for us.  And we would do anything for them.  They make us laugh, allow us to celebrate with them, and we can always rely on them for prayer and support.

8. I am grateful for my job – that I even have a job when so many others are looking for work. And, I am so blessed to work at the Baptist State Convention, where I work with fellow Christians on a daily basis.  They encourage me more than they know and I learn so much from them.

9. I am grateful for couponing.  That may sound silly, but I am so grateful that Aaron and I were able to figure this whole couponing thing out.  It has saved us so much money and has really been the push we needed to be smarter with our finances and our budget.

10. I am grateful for seasons.  My sister lives in California where they do not have all 4 seasons like we do in good ole’ NC.  I am grateful for big, colorful, leaves, snow that falls, and 100 degree weather.  My mom told me when I was little (after I asked why God made seasons when God could have made it 85 and sunny all the time if He wanted to) that God knew we would get bored with one kind of season so He gave them all to us.   I am grateful He did.

I hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving week and weekend!  Don’t forget to give thanks to our Lord for all He has given us.


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