Window seat love

Last week we were (finally!) able to create the window seat cushions that go on our window seats in the built-ins my amazing hubbs built for me.  I’ve been wanting to finish them forever but wasn’t motivated until about 11pm last Friday night.  Thank goodness Aaron didn’t think I was totally crazy and was willing to help me knock it out.  I hate having things unfinished so it did me good to see these all put together.

Here are the window seats before the cushions were made:

And here’s how it went down.  Thankfully, I had all the materials purchased this summer with the hopes of having these cushions finished then, but as you know, it just didn’t work out that way.  I am grateful, however, that I had already purchased everything since the materials wouldn’t have fit in our new “no extras” budget.  The fabric is actually the bottom half of our old curtains that we used to have in the office.  I used the top to make the short curtains that hang there now.

Aaron cut two pieces of plywood to fit in the window seat space.  Then we took foam and cut it to fit the plywood base.  Then we wrapped batting around it all, and using a staple gun we stapled it to the back of the plywood.  We did the same with the fabric.

They turned out so well!  And, I’m super excited to have them finally finished.  Another project down – 500 or so more to go!  🙂


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