Black Mountain weekend trip

Last weekend, Aaron and I were fortunate enough to have a quick weekend trip up to Black Mountain, near Asheville, NC.  We don’t do many vacations since they can often be expensive but when we find a deal, we like to jump on it!

I learned recently that my job offers employees the chance to rent a company cottage in Black Mountain for $25 a night, if it isn’t being used for retreats or conferences.  Well, Aaron and I couldn’t think of ANYWHERE in NC that you can stay for $25 a night, so we jumped at the chance to use the cottage and have a mini-vacation to see NC fall color.

As you know, we are on strict budget restrictions so we took lots of snacks and microwave meals to eat in the cottage so we wouldn’t have to eat out very much.  We did end up eating out for lunch and dinner on Saturday since we weren’t close to the cottage, but the two meals together only added up to $50, so I was happy about that.  $50 for meals that weekend and $50 for lodging isn’t bad at all!

Saturday, we drove up the Blue Ridge Parkway and stopped all along the way to see the beautiful mountains.  Fall color was beautiful – everything was bright yellow and orange!  As we got higher on the mountains, the trees started becoming more bare, but we were so thrilled that for most of our trip, the leaves hadn’t fallen yet.

This photo really doesn’t do the color justice

This is a photo of us on an overlook with several clouds heading over the mountain.  It was so strange to actually be in the cloud as it was going over, especially since it was moving so fast.  We couldn’t see much around us – I told Aaron it made me think of a scene out of Harry Potter.

We headed up to Mount Mitchell and had lunch at the Mount Mitchell Restaurant overlooking the mountains, then we made the (very) steep climb to the summit.

Then we turned around and drove back into Asheville, stopping for more observation along the way.  We also stopped at the Blue Ridge Parkway visitor center and the Folk Art center where we watched an artist carve a bowl out of a piece of wood.  Very cool!  We walked around downtown Asheville and then had dinner at Tupelo Honey Cafe, which was recommended to us as a must.  Aaron was particularly thrilled that they served Cheerwine in old fashioned bottles.

And we finished our night by watching tv by the fire until bedtime.  We left Sunday morning and headed back to meet Aaron’s family for his mom’s birthday.

So, all in all, we were able to have a really fun trip together for fairly cheap.  We hope to be able to go back to that cottage soon and explore more of the area.


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