The Gate Keeper

Well this whole “No home projects unless they are free” thing is actually doing a wonder for all the unfinished projects around our house! And my A-Type personality self could squeal with excitement.

This little project has been on my to-do list for about a year and a half! In May 2011, My mom and I enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Charleston, SC to visit good friends of ours who live there. While there, I picked up the cutest little framed (hand-drawn & signed) gate prints at the downtown Market. I had no idea where they would go in the house but I loved them anyway, and that’s probably why they haven’t been hung since.

But after cleaning up our office a bit and after taking this photo, I realized SOMETHING needed to go on that wall above that chair.

After trying 3-4 other things from around the house, I remembered my gate prints! Aaron struggled to hold up all 4 with 2 hands while I decided if I liked it. I did. So I whipped out the newspaper to try a hanging technique I saw on Young House Love (my latest obsession). I traced each frame onto newspaper.

Then I hung the sheets on the wall with tape and was able to move them around to find an arrangement that I thought was appropriate (this way, you can try lots of things without worrying about having nailed any holes yet).

Then Aaron marked where the nail would need to go for each and removed the paper, making it super easy to tap the nail in and hang the prints!

I especially love this spot because this is one of the first corners you see when you come in the front door and look into the office. We love Charleston and our good friends there and have really fallen in love with that area of the south. So, those prints are special to us and we are thrilled that we finally found them a spot to call home!


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