As mentioned in this post, we are scaling back big time in the spending department.  However, I’m trying so hard to keep life fun, entertaining, and creative at the Goulding house.  So I thought I’d share a few of the fun, free (or cheap!) things we’ve been doing to keep costs down lately while maintaining a normal life.

1. My sister’s birthday is in November.  I don’t usually send a card because she is usually here around her birthday but this year, she’ll be all the way in LA!  I’m so sad that I can’t see her.  But, I found a cool deal to send her a birthday card for free.  Every now and then, gives out promotion codes to create a free card online with free shipping.  So I went online and created an adorable photo card for her for free!  Now I’ve just got to find a gift to go with it!  Check out‘s promotions tab for their current promotions and codes.

2. We I love watching movies at home (or is that I love falling asleep watching movies at home?).  Either way, I didn’t want to give that up so I scoured the internet last week for RedBox promotion codes.  I found a few online and we were able to grab a free RedBox rental last Friday night!  (It was What to Expect, for anyone wondering – and it was so good!)

3. You may remember this post about the bathroom lights I purchased at the Pottery Barn outlet in SC a while back.  Well, it actually took us this long to hang them!  We knew that we’d have to touch up the wall with paint and I knew Aaron had to be involved to do the electrical so it just didn’t work out to do it until now.  But, both lights are up and they look great!  Here are the befores and afters!

Before: The water closet light

After: The water closet light

Before: Light above the sinks

After: Light above the sinks

My apologies for the poor photographs.  But I love the new lights!  Now, if I could just get everything else in our bathroom to be chrome instead of brass, we’d be set!  But that will come…

4. Maybe this is just exciting to us because we’re a dorky couple, but every Sunday after church we drive by Snoopy’s on Hillsborough street and EVERY Sunday I want to stop and get hotdogs for lunch.  Well this last Sunday I told Aaron “I REALLY want to stop and get hotdogs!” He reminded me of our plan to not eat out at all so we decided, in the car, before we even arrived at Snoopy’s, that we’d look on their little sign out front and if the price wasn’t x amount per hotdog, then we wouldn’t stop.  We decided that a “worth it” price for hotdogs would be 2 for $1, if they weren’t that price, then we wouldn’t stop and we’d go home empty-handed.

Of course, they weren’t that cheap, so we drove right on by.  As disappointing as it was that we couldn’t get one, it was so much fun saying “yay us!” and celebrating with Aaron all the way home that we had started developing smarter habits about spending and were learning to say “no” to things we didn’t need.  And leftovers for lunch at home were just as good!

5. I mentioned in this post about wanting to get a new bed or headboard for our Coral room because the one we have now, can’t be seen over the pillows.  I’ve been looking on craigslist almost daily for one and I finally found something in my price range.  Here’s what we picked up last night:

It was $10 and it’s actually a footboard instead of a headboard.  But, I really like the lines of it and I know that with a few scrap pieces of wood, Aaron can add some height to the bottom so it will be high like I want it.  In that same post, I mentioned how I was considering painting it a sea foam or light blue.  Not sure about that anymore but I’m still considering it.  It will be either that, or white.  It may come down to what we already have leftover from other projects to keep cost down.  I’ll keep everyone posted!

Have a great week everyone!


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