A Good Steward

Aaron and I have been talking so much about saving money lately that I’ve really not been to the grocery store much in recent weeks, as you can tell by my lack of posting about those trips.  We are trying to save money where we can and have recently made a lot of changes in the way we spend.  We are trying to follow Dave Ramsey’s 7 steps to financial peace, with number 2 being pay off all debt.  So we’re really motivated right now to make that happen!  We are really wanting to be at a place where college loans are paid off, cars are paid off, and the only debt we have left is our mortgage.

While we tithe our 10%, volunteer at our church in many ways, use coupons, and pay all of our bills on time, I think we are learning that there is so much more to honoring God with our money than just those things.  We have been so blessed in our life to have never been hungry, to have never gone without shelter, to have never gone without ANYTHING.  In fact, we have abundantly more than we need.  And I’m not convinced that we are honoring God with what we have if we take everything we make and pour it into our house, into our appearance, and into our possessions.

So with Debt Elimination as the name of the game, that means there are gonna be some changes ’round here!  Especially with things we don’t need like eating out, clothes shopping, and (dare I say it) house projects.  That probably sounds like a bit of a downer, but we are actually really excited to see how much debt we can pay down quickly.

So with no eating out (at all!) I realized this week that I’ve got to make a few changes in how I grocery shop.  Not only do I need to continue couponing to get the best deals possible, but I need to be sure I have items on hand that can be made quickly.  Aaron and I have noticed that we tend to decide to eat out when we are in a hurry or are tired.  So, if we can have things at home that are made quickly and easily, it takes away the desire to let Wendy’s or Moe’s fix our dinner.

And while I imagine it will be hard to cut out a few things, I’m also excited and up for the challenge of making sure we have what we need within our budget.  I’m determined to still keep house projects coming (perhaps using what we already have?) and to still get together with friends (perhaps cooking dinner at home rather than going out).  And, with the holidays approaching, I’m up for the challenge of gift-giving on a budget, too.

I hope you’ll pray for us as we try to be the best stewards of God’s money that we can be and as we try to get debt paid off asap!


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