Laundry Day

Sorry to dissapoint, but I didn’t do a shopping trip this week and I didn’t participate in Super Doubles at HT this week either.  I know, that’s not like me.  But, Aaron’s traveling so much and I’ve busy with church, errands, etc. that we just aren’t needing a ton in the pantry right now.  So no need to go shopping when we aren’t needing anything.  And if I do, Aldi is right up the street!  So couponing is taking a break this week!

But, I did take on a little project this weekend:

This past Saturday I had planned to do laundry all day.  But I just couldn’t work in our laundry closet with the way it’s been looking lately.  So I took on a little project to clean it up and get a little more organized.

Here’s what I started with.  I recently bought those white baskets on the top from Ikea, which helped clean it all up a but but I didn’t finish what I started once I got the baskets in there months ago.

I had also purchased these little chalkboards from the dollar section at Target back in the spring.  They were originally chalk board stakes to go in a garden but I ripped the stakes off so I could use them on my new ikea baskets.

I grabbed some ribbon from a previous project, and my glue gun, and glued the ribbon to the boards and hung them on the baskets.  I also did some organizing and cleaning up in there so things look a little better.

It’s not the biggest change in the world but it made me feel good to get another unfinished project crossed off the list and to have a nice organized space to work in.  Hope you are getting some things crossed off your list this week too!


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