Posted in September 2012


As mentioned in this post, we are scaling back big time in the spending department.  However, I’m trying so hard to keep life fun, entertaining, and creative at the Goulding house.  So I thought I’d share a few of the fun, free (or cheap!) things we’ve been doing to keep costs down lately while maintaining … Continue reading

A Good Steward

Aaron and I have been talking so much about saving money lately that I’ve really not been to the grocery store much in recent weeks, as you can tell by my lack of posting about those trips.  We are trying to save money where we can and have recently made a lot of changes in … Continue reading

Laundry Day

Sorry to dissapoint, but I didn’t do a shopping trip this week and I didn’t participate in Super Doubles at HT this week either.  I know, that’s not like me.  But, Aaron’s traveling so much and I’ve busy with church, errands, etc. that we just aren’t needing a ton in the pantry right now.  So … Continue reading


I’m scared.  Of everything, really.  Fear, and worry, are feelings that grip me constantly.  Fear of something bad happening.  Fear of not doing it right.  Fear that we won’t have enough money.  Fear that I might step on a snake in our yard.  Fear of not being enough. If you are a woman, I imagine … Continue reading

Our next project!

While our list of projects for our house is a mile long, I’ve decided that the next thing I’d like to tackle is our coral guest bedroom!  I LOVE the color on the walls in there, and love the coral theme in that room, but I’ve always wanted a different headboard on the bed and … Continue reading

Weekly HT Trip

So our schedules are still a little up in the air.  Aaron is traveling on and off and our meals are just weird lately.  So this week at HT, I grabbed things that could be frozen or that will last a while.  Here’s what I ended up with: Minute Rice Steamers: On sale for $1.50 … Continue reading