Weekly update (minus HT)

After looking at the deals for Harris Teeter this week, I decided that nothing was an amazing deal and since we’ve got a lot going on lately, I didn’t think we needed very much.  I hate to stock up our pantry if we know we’ll be doing a lot, so things don’t go to waste.  So we’ll skip this week and hope that HT has some better deals next week!

But I did want to update you on a project I started and took a while to finish.  Remember in this post, I showed you my materials for a chalkboard frame I wanted to make?  Well, I finished it and it actually looks totally cute!

Here’s the original picture I posted:

Chalkboard project supplies

And here’s the finished product!

I’m not sure where it will go in our house, but it’s kind of cute here in our kitchen as a menu board.  Too bad we’re not so good at planning out a menu at our house!

Now if we can just get my husband to hang the light fixtures I bought at the PB outlet weeks ago, then we’ll be able to cross another project off the list!

And, if you find any great deals at HT that I may have missed, let me know.  I don’t want to miss a good deal!


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