The end.

Remember this sketch??

Original built-in design

Well, the built ins are FINISHED!  I can’t even believe it!  I am so incredibly proud and grateful for my husband when I look at these.  I drew my little sketch and he built it all himself!  I couldn’t have asked for anything better!  We are so in love with this room now and I am so excited that we did just about all of it ourselves and even some of the things on the shelves were little DIY projects that we completed ourselves.  You’ll notice that we deviated a little bit from the original sketch, but for the better I think!  And don’t think for one second that we are done with DIY projects!  We just need to take a breather after this beast of a task!  A few photos of our built ins and some of the little projects we completed along the way:

Here’s that wall before we started our project:

Love the chairs and credenza on the right, but that bookshelf was looking REALLY sad!

And here is that same wall, FINISHED!

So in love with this space!

You’ll see that we are still missing crown molding at the very top which will cover that gap between the wood and the ceiling.  And, I plan to make cushions for the window seats at some point.  But, we are basically finished.  Here are a few more shots and some explanations.

Here is a close up of our center shelf.  I googled and pined on Pinterest lots of “Bookshelf display” ideas so I could be sure and make the shelves functional but not just throw the books up there.  I love that we were able to display our books and some personal things.  I also love my cute little “Create” sign from JoAnne’s fabric.  Aaron and I are both very creative people and we wanted this space to be for just that, so it was fitting that it be at the top and center.

Almost looks like something you’d post on Pinterest, doesn’t it?

I LOVE this blue plate!  I picked it up at World Market on clearance for $6 and bought a cheap stand at Michaels for it to sit on.  Then I ordered a cheap vinyl monogram from Etsy to put in the center.  We have pillows in this marine blue that were already in our office so I wanted something that would tie that color into the shelves.

Plate with Monogram from

*Before* $6 plate from World Market!

The curtains were fun, because I didn’t have to buy anything but the ribbon!  I used the curtain panels we already had in the room, cut them down, hemmed the bottom with no-sew tape, and added white ribbon.

And these I showed you several weeks ago already (in this post).  I bought the bins at The Container Store and the little chalk boards at World Market and hot glued them to the bins.  Aaron and his sweet self built the window seats to perfectly fit three of the bins underneath.  I’m working on making cushions to go on those window seats.  My big splurge were the pillows.  I’ve wanted a chevron pattern somewhere in our house for ever and so I really wanted some chevron in this room.  These Chevron pillows were a set of two from Ross ($19.99 for the set) and the rest of the pillows were custom ordered from Etsy.

Lastly, Aaron asked that all his engineering books go on one shelf, so I honored his request and even mixed in a few car and wolf themed items.  If those things don’t scream “Aaron”, then I don’t know what does!

Aaron’s Engineering/Car/NC state shelf

So there’s our little (big!) built in project.  Next in that room?  More light!  Anyone know what it would cost to have an electrician put a ceiling light in the center of the room?


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