Projects and Purchases

Well Aaron and I are moving right along on our built-in project.  I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but we’re not quite there yet.  I’m a list girl so making a list of smaller projects that need to get done and marking them off keep me positive instead of constantly looking at the larger picture that isn’t finished yet.

One of the items on my ever-growing list or projects has been to change out all the light fixtures, hardware, faucets, etc. in our two upstairs bathrooms.  They all work perfectly fine, but are 80’s gold.  I want to change them all out for more current chrome hardware and fixtures..  I had been researching online for lots of these things and knew the price range we’d be working with.  I had planned for us to save up for these things or add them to our wish lists for our families to buy for us at Christmases and birthdays.

Well, last weekend I went on a little trip to SC to see my best friend, BriAnne.  We were going to Ikea but wanted to stop at the Pottery Barn Outlet on the way.  And that’s where I found these!!

They are exactly what I was wanting (Chrome, a 3-light fixture for above our vanity and a matching smaller fixture for our water closet).  I had seen online where MOST 3-light chrome fixtures like this cost around $100 and the cheapest I could find was one at Lowes for around $70.  But this one?  It was just $50!  And the small one was just $30!  So together, they cost less than what I thought I would have to pay for the large one!  AND they are from Pottery Barn!  I nearly squealed as the lady was scanning my purchases!

Happy Happy girl!

Then on to Ikea!

I always love going to Ikea and especially love that their stuff is so reasonably.  And this trip was timely since we are trying to update our office with more organizational things.  The number one item I wanted this time was a set of small jars to put on our built-ins with all of our rubber bands, paperclips, etc. which you can purchase here for just a dollar a piece!

I also grabbed this set of two magazine files for the built-ins so we can hide the “messier” papers that used to be on our old bookshelf like Aaron’s draft paper or my ever-growing stash of paper samples.  You can grab these files here.

And this item I bought for a little project.  I’ve been eyeing all the cute pictures on Pinterest of all the things you can do with chalkboard paint.  So I bought this frame at Ikea (and some chalkboard paint at Joanne’s Fabric) so I can make the center a chalkboard to write little notes on.  There are no after pictures because believe it or not, you can’t put chalkboard paint on just anything!  I tried – it isn’t working!  I’ve got to have Aaron cut a piece of wood to go in the center of the frame that I can paint – I’ve heard wood will work.

Chalkboard project supplies

I bought a few other little things, but practiced some major self control.  I’d really like to get through this month without our “home” budget going off the charts!  We’ll see if that happens…

Thanks BriAnne, for a great weekend of shopping and deal-finding!

Yay for great deals and great friends!


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