Well we are moving right along with our built-ins.  I wish we were closer to finished but when you work full time, there just isn’t a ton of extra time for building and painting.  But, I did get some things done this weekend that I ‘m excited about.

I found hardware for our built-in doors at Target.  The whole pack of 6 was just $15.  I thought that was a pretty good price.  And they will go nicely with the black-ish hardware we already have in the office.

And this is how they will look on the doors:

We also decided that instead of having the window seat where the seat lifts up for storage, that we’d do bins underneath the seat like a photo I saw on Pinterest, then followed to the source website to find this:

Source: iheartorganization.blogspot.com

So I found some bins that would work thanks to The Container Store – just $5 each on sale!  We bought 6 – three will go under each window seat.

$4.99 bins from The Container Store

I like that they are plain but I’m not crazy about the plastic label on the front (makes them look cheap) so I found these little chalkboard signs at World Market that I’ll put on the front of each.  I can’t decide if I’ll hot glue them or hang them as is.

Cute, right?  These will be great for when we have kids – they can just pull out a bin filled with their toys.  Not sure what we’ll put in them now, but I like that we don’t have tons to fill them with yet so we have room to grow.

I’ve also finally decided how I want to do the curtains in the office.  As mentioned before, we are reusing the curtain panels that were already in the room.  We had 4 panels in there before but now I’m taking two of them, cutting them horizontally and making roman-looking shades/valances.  I picked up some no-sew tape at JoAnns so I can hem the part that I cut without having to sew them (which I can’t do).

No sew iron-on tape

Inspiration for the roman shades I’ll make – these are from Etsy.com

So we’ve gotten lots done, it just doesn’t look like it.  Hopefully we’ll have more photos of the actual built-ins to share soon.  I’m ready to wrap this project up!  Other little projects we have going on at the moment are: changing out the hardware in our two upstairs bathrooms, recovering Aaron’s desk chair, backing a bookcase in fabric, and hanging new curtains in our smallest guest room.  Whew!  No wonder we are exhausted!


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