Update on our office built-ins

Well, our built-in project isn’t going quite as quickly as I would have liked.  I guess we didn’t realize how much work this was going to be or how busy we would be the last few weeks.  But it’s coming along.  Here are just a few pictures of our progress. Remember the original plan?

My original plan for the office

And this is where we are right now.  It’s getting there!  The breadboard is in the back and Aaron is working on the rest of the bookshelves.  Then the doors can go in and then the window seats.  And then we’ll have tons of molding to make it look expensive 🙂

We’re getting there!

And my favorite part of the new stuff we are doing to the office has to be this rug!!

The new rug for the office!

I wanted a rug that had a similar pattern to our dining room wallpaper since I just love that pattern and was having a hard time finding a rug with that pattern and in a color that would match our green/teal color scheme that I wanted to do in the office.  Most of what I found was several hundred dollars.  Seriously, who has $400 to spend on an area rug that you just walk on?  Not this girl!  I finally found a rug that was just $100, which now seems like a deal – it was green, and in the pattern I wanted on overstock.com.  Not only that but I noticed that you could pay with paypal so I clicked on that button and logged into my account and saw that I had a $100 credit in my account for some freelance design work I did a while back.  So that means a FREE RUG!  It came in and is the perfect size.  It’s  a bit darker green than I would have liked but we are NOT returning a FREE rug! Here’s the rug and our dining room wallpaper so you can see how they match:

Office on left, dining room on the right.

I also ordered these pillow covers from Etsy.com.  You’ll notice they are the same patterns from our original mock up.  I’m waiting for a great JoAnne’s Fabric coupon to go buy the inserts for them.

Pillow covers in geometric patterns. Fabric for seat covers is the light blue fabric on the right.

That just leaves curtains and the seat cushions.  You’ll notice from our original plan that I was going to use some black and white fabric from Ikea for our curtains.  Well, after holding up pictures and thinking more about it, I just don’t think that’s going to work in that room so I’m just going to reuse the old curtains that were in that room (the light blue fabric on the right in the picture above), cut them to make the valances, and reuse them.  Can’t beat free!  My only problem is the seat cushions.  Getting someone to make these seat cushions is a bit hard (not to mention trying to figure out what fabric to use!).  Mill outlet village will do them but it’s going to be pricey.  And Etsy will do them but to send them my fabric and pay for shipping, etc. is going to be about the same price.  So I’m trying to decide what to do there.  Anyone know of cheap options for making quality seat cushions?

Hopefully we’ll have another update soon!  I’m ready for this room to be finished!


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