Posted in June 2012

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip #2

I knew I’d have to go back again for Super Doubles to get all of the deals I wanted since you can only double 20 coupons per day.  So here’s what I got on my second trip.  Not as much savings, but some great deals nonetheless.     Yoplait Yogurt (8): On sale for evic … Continue reading

Harris Teeter Super Doubles – Trip #1

This week is Harris Teeter’s Super Doubles event!  You all know I love these things at Harris Teeter because we can get such great deals, but this time it was even better!  They usually double coupons $1.98 and lower for Super Doubles but this time they went up to $2!  That means all of my … Continue reading

Our office plans

When Aaron and I moved into our house two years ago, we really enjoyed painting and making the place our own.  Of course, we couldn’t do everything then and have been working on things little by little since then. Our latest project is our office.  It’s  a pretty large room near the front door of … Continue reading