Awesome Aldi!

You all know how much I love Harris Teeter, but I’ve needed some items that haven’t been on sale lately and Harris Teeter isn’t the place for non-sale items such as produce.   So I headed to Aldi today after work to check out what they had on sale.

Aldi isn’t always the best place for produce but today, they had some great looking items!  Great multi-colored peppers, firm tomatoes, and yummy red grapes!


I got all of the above items plus a gardening cart/wheelbarrow (which was only $7.99) for $45 and chance.  I got some good deals but since you can’t use coupons at Aldi, the total is quite a bit more than my usual grocery store trips.  Some of the great deals above are the frozen stuffed peppers (4 in a box) for $1.99, ad a head of lettuce for $0.49.

And even though I only bought the gardening cart, they had tons of special buy items on clearance for great prices so go check it out if you have an Aldi near you!


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