Great deals at Target

My girl Liz and I went to Target last night and found some great deals that I wanted to share with you!


I came home with the above items for a total of $15.14.  Half of that amount was just the bibs.  Those weren’t on sale and I didn’t have a coupon, but a sweet friend had a baby and mentioned how she needed those so I purchased them for her.

The other items are what was such a great deal.  Target puts out great printable coupons on their website so I had printed two coupons for $3 off any Merona clothing item at Target.  So, after looking in the clearance section I found these two tops.  One was for $3 and one was for $4.48.  So using both $3 coupons, that makes one shirt free and one shirt $1.48!

I printed another Target coupon for $1 off any Up & Up baby wash.  I found the above bottle for $1.52 so after the coupon, it’s just $0.52!  Great price for another baby gift!

And Target has great clearance items that are all throughout the store and my favorite place to look for clearance items is in the freezer section.  Liz and I found the above Michellina’s microwavable meals on clearance for just $0.51.  We bought all they had!

And lastly, the best deal!  Target has a deal going on now and for the next few weeks that if you buy three first aid items, you get a free first aid case.  Well, the last several weeks in the paper, there have been a few coupons for $1.00 off any Red cross item and $1.50 off two red cross items.  So I bought three of the cheapest first aid items (gauze) and used the coupons on them plus the free case.  It all came to $2 for all 4 items.  Not too bad!


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