I *Heart* organization!

So I’m not usually one to see something on Pinterest or other places on the internet and immediately put said item or suggestion into practice.  I honestly look at Pinterest and feel like a complete failure at life because my house and life doesn’t look like the beautiful images on there.  But I found this picture below on Pinterest and knew that I must use this idea for my cleaning supplies!



So when I went home for Mother’s Day last weekend, I found my old shoe rack like this one in my old room and asked my parents if I could take it.  Of course, they agreed.  Once home, I got to work looking in each bathroom, under each sink, in our laundry room, in our kitchen and in our storage closest for any cleaning supplies.  Believe it or not, there was at least one item in each place!

So here’s my version in our storage closet off the kitchen:


I am SO pleased with the results and that all my cleaning supplies are in one place and that I can clearly see what each item is.  The best part?  I’ve been struggling for the last two years to clean our flat top stove and it just doesn’t want to get clean.  Well, in all my digging around for supplies, I found a big bottle of flat top stove cleaner that the previous owner left!  Woo too for a clean stove too!

And ps. How does one end up with 4 bottles of Febreeze?  You’ll only see three in this picture, but I found 4 and was able to condense to three, but still.  How does that happen?

Yay for easy organization projects that make my life a little easier!


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