Cheap dinner on our cheap (but beautiful) patio!

While I’m not huge on trying to figure out how to make the cheapest meal possible, I did notice that the amazing meal we had last night was particularly cheap for what we had.
I’d like to point out right now that because we try to eat on the cheap, we NEVER buy steak.  Ever. It’s such a waste to me to spend a ton of money on a huge slab of meat that isn’t really healthy for you anyway.  Well, a few posts ago, I posted about the steaks I got on clearance at Harris Teeter.  I only bought them because they were HUGE and for two, the cost was under $5.  So I thought I’d treat us to a steak night – everything in moderation, right?
To go with our steaks, I swung by Aldi just to see what they had that we could grill.  If you’ve ever been to Aldi, you know that it’s kind of hit or miss but what you do find, is amazingly priced.  I’ve not found another store that can beat Aldi’s produce prices.  I found some great things while I was there!  I found sweet corn on the cob for $1.99 for 4, Green peppers – 3 for $0.99, and a whole pineapple for $1.99.  Total cost for that trip was $5.07.
Since we were grilling outside, I decided it was a perfect time for us to enjoy our updated back patio (my parents found the table for us for free, the umbrella was bought for cheap at Ikea, and the chairs were on sale at Target).  We finally had it set up the way we wanted it but hadn’t had a chance to sit out there yet.
So we fired up the grill for an amazing dinner.  Aaron and I could have sat there eating all night!  I don’t remember when I’ve had pineapple that was so good or corn that was so sweet.  Yummy!  And I’d also like to point out that I did not even eat half of the steak that was on my plate – it was seriously enormous!
Note to self: eat on the patio more and buy more whole fresh pineapple!

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