Couponing gone (kind of) wrong!

If you have read my “coupon basics” tab, then you know I have several rules for myself about couponing.  Couponing works for me because I rarely break those rules.  Well, I don’t know what got into me in my recent trip to Walgreens but somehow I ended up with the items in the above picture for $42.69.  That isn’t very good at all.  I was baffled at the check out counter but had more errands to run and didn’t evaluate my receipt until I got home – broken rule #1!  I should have checked it before I left the store.

My pharmacy of choice is Rite Aid but I saw a few deals at Walgreens and wanted to grab them – broken rule #2.  I don’t ever go to new stores just for a few deals.  I also had a list of three items I was going to get at Walgreens.  You can see how I veered quite a bit from my list – broken rule #3.  Unless something is just a few cents or free, I don’t usually buy things that aren’t on my list.

My most embarassing confession about the image above is that the NC State tissue boxes were $2.50 a piece.  That means just 4 boxes of tissues were $10!  I still can’t believe I spent that, but all 4 men in our family are NC state fans or went there so I thought these would be great for Christmas.  I did get some good deals though:

Reach floss – on sale for $0.99.  I had a $1 off coupon making it free.

Reach toothbrush – on sale for $0.99.  I had a $1 off coupon making it free.

Starbucks Refreshers – $1.49.  I had a coupon for 1 free can, making it free.

Spiderman mini skateboard – On clearance for $0.89.  Great item for OCC boxes – post to come about that soon!

Valentine stickers – on sale for $0.75.  This is where I should have checked the receipt because they rang up for $3.00 – I went back and got this taken care of!

Clean & Clear face wipes – on sale for 2 for $10 – plus two $1 off coupons makes it $4 each.  This may seem like a bad price, but I use these every day and they are rarely on sale.

Kotex U – $3.99 each or $7.98 total plus two $1 off coupons making them $2.99 each.  Plus, $6.00 in Rewards to use next time.

Nice! Salt – $0.99 – this is also where an impulse buy was a bad idea.  $0.99 was too much to pay and then once I got home I realized we had a huge package of salt already!

So, not too bad I guess, especially since I got some free items and a few Christmas goodies but I just need to do a little more thinking next time…


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