Target practice

New Year’s day of 2011, my new year’s resolution was to avoid Target like the plague.  I just knew that Target had higher prices and I could get what I needed somewhere else cheaper.  And I did pretty well.  I only went every now and then and mostly just for their great dollar section.  Now that I am couponing, I can let up a little on my Target ban.  However, I still feel like Target may be overpriced so I don’t go unless I find a great deal.  And today  I did!



The photo above is from my trip to Target today.  I went for the Green Works deal.  I had read on that if you buy three Green Works products at Target, you get one Green Works dish washing liquid for free.  Plus, I had several manufacturer coupons and found several Target coupons so stacking all that together, made it a great deal.  Just over a dollar per item.  Plus, I really love the Green Works bleach.

If that wasn’t enough, I always raid the clearance items at Target and found Halls cough drops on clearance for $0.68 each.  I had a coupon for $1 off two which made them $0.18 each.  Not too bad!  I also found hand soap for $1 on clearance.

My favorite deal was the pink long sleeve top.  I found a Target coupon for $3.00 off any Mossimo clothing item.  I found this top on the clearance rack for $3.60 so with the coupon, the top was $0.60!

I also made a quick trip in to Rite Aid for the bottle of Fat Hair mouse.  After coupons, sales, and up rewards I had, I paid $1.78 and then I got a $5 up rewards for buying it.  It’s like they paid me to buy it!

LOVE little trips like these.  And even though Target is still a bit overpriced, with more trips like this, I could learn to love it again.


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