Super Doubles!!


One of the reasons I had a hard time getting into couponing was because I’d see a coupon for $0.40 and think “now that’s not going to save me much money at all!”  Well, thanks to Harris Teeter, that’s not a valid complaint!  Harris Teeter doubles coupons EVERY DAY if they are under $1.00.  And during special times, they do events where they triple those coupons or where they double even bigger coupons (called Super Doubles).


Total spent: $23.69!


This week was Super Doubles!  I did have a disadvantage because Aaron and I went on a trip to Disney the day Super Doubles started so I wasn’t able to go until half way through the sale.  Surprisingly, I was still able to do a great job on my trip though!  Everything in the picture above cost me a total of $23.69!  And knowing that the contact solution is usually $10, I’d say that was a really great deal!  Items that came out free: The mentos gum, the revlon nail clippers, the Crave cat treats, the M&M’s Easter candy, the Dawn, and the Carpet Fresh.

Best lesson learned from this trip:  Clearance deals are the BEST!  Our Harris Teeter has two places that I always look for.  They have a produce clearance rack near the fresh produce and they have a random clearance rack toward the registers.  The corn in the above picture cost me $0.99 for the bag!  Just because some of the outside is starting to brown, they had to mark it down.  But peel all that off, and the corn is still great for grilling!  And the Revlon nail clippers were marked down to $0.99 just because the package was busted.  But add a coupon to that and it was free!  I don’t know if these clearance racks are in all Harris Teeters, but keep a look out because they have some great deals!


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