I <3 Harris Teeter! (and our front yard!)

Total $32.00 for all of the above

Went to Harris Teeter this week and did pretty well!  I especially did well with the meat I purchased.  Pork chops were on sale so the two packages you see above were $2 each!  And the chicken was on clearance for $4.  Used a coupon for everything else except the asparagus and broccoli.

This brings me to about $40 for my weekly food/toiletry budget and we’re at the end of the week!  So I’m $20 under!  That’s great seeing as we are headed to Disney World next week and that will NOT be a cheap few days!

Goulding Home, April 2012

And, I have to show this photo of our front yard.  Last year, Aaron and I spent a lot of time and money pulling out the old bushes in front of our porch and planting new ones and cleaning up the yard.  We were so proud of ourselves!  Well, not even half way through the summer, the plants began dying.  I don’t know why, but my guess is that they got a disease.  So, this spring, we pulled those up and tried round two of planting!  The above picture is the front of our yard this year.

The best part?  Home Depot was having a sale and I bought the four azaleas (sp?) for $10!!  So if these die, at least I’m only out 10 dollars.  Let’s hope these live though!


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